The midnight wine



-Every story has its own beginning…what about the Midnight ?

Me and Tyler met at a writing session back in 2012


-Who are The Midnight ?

Tim McEwan (the producer) & Tyler Lyle (the singer)


-Who drawned the midnight’s album/single covers on bandcamp ?

We hire various graphic artists that we find online.


-Do the Midnight meet them each other to produce their music ?

Yes for sure. We live in different states but always try and get in the same room whenever we write and record.
Now let’s go through the time gate with you , it s now end of the 80′ s …


-How this time is related to the Midnight , why did they choose to be retro synthwave oriented ?

I (Tim) grew up listening to 80s music and have always had a huge love for the movies and overall aesthetics of the 80s.


-Can you tell us about musical artists that deeply inspired The midnight ?

Toto, Phil Collins, Michael McDonald, Steve Winwood, Tangerine Dream, Pryda amongst others.


-Artistic s influences  throught The Midnight s tracks, whole of them ?

I get very inspired by movies and photography but definitely also music. Driving around in the city at night is also great inspiration.


-The midnight’s VideoClips on youtube were done by you ?

Yes so far I have done all the videos myself on iMovie.


-Best 80’s movies ?

Risky Business, E.T., Raiders of the Lost Ark!


….someone said me you got an Amiga … best 90’s computer ^^…and a sega too …

-Top videos games of the 90’s ?

I never played that many games and I actually don’t remember many titles but I remember playing Ecco as a kid on Sega Genesis 🙂


-Tracks and music artists you liked in this time ?

My early 90’s were all about Sting, The Police, Pat Metheny, Rage Against The Machine, Toto and Phil Collins.


… The midnight have two facets … the musical part and the lyrical one …

-Softwares ( vst / plugins … ) you use to compose ?

Logic Pro as my sequencer. Favourite synths are Spire, Massive, Sylenth, Diva, Vanguard, Zebra, Omnisphere. I also use a few vintage synth sample libraries for KONTAKT.


-Do you play accoustic instruments ?

Yes I played the drums for about 10 years when I was a kid and also play the piano, guitar and can sing.


-Did you extract sounds from the 80 ‘ s ( from Movies or albums ) to use ’em as samples ?

No I actually don’t since it’s so easy to find old drum machine samples.


-What does retro Synthwave mean for The midnight ?

To me and Tyler, it means being able to express ourselves 100% freely, without and constrictions.


-Saxophone ?



-The midnight use voice(s) not only as add instrument but they have stories to tell… can we know more about these ( mainly Gloria & Vampires ) ? 

You would have to ask Tyler (our singer) about his lyrical influences on those songs but j know that we tend to just let our imaginations flow in the studio. Sometimes I’ll give Tyler a setting and he’ll write something on that subject but mostly it’s just him doing his thing.


-Books are good things and sources for inspiration isn it ?

I’ve never been a big reader myself but I totally agree though. It allows the reader to imagine these worlds in his or her mind.


-If we want to see you live for music party ?

We are working on taking our music live at the moment so hopefully soon
New album Endless summer is avalaible , which are the main inspirations in this one? Tangerine Dream, Karate Kid and 80’s noir aesthetic in general


-1984 ?

Was a great year and I like how it looks in writing 🙂


-The midnight would be great on vinyls too , dream or futur reality ?

Vinyl is available right here!


-Newretrosynthwave artists we might listen to ?

I would suggest Tesla Boy, FM-84 & Timecop1983.


-The midnight will stay in the 80 s for eternity ?

Hopefully !